Photo Retouching Tools in Photoshop

photo retouching by photoshopexperts
28Jan, 2020

                                        Photo Retouching

The photo retouching is a technique. It is a subtle and delicate process. It helps any product look they are very best in a photo by enhancing their natural beauty and by removing distractions. We will describe everything about photo retouching in the article.

photo retouching

        Retouching with Clone Stamp tools

clone stamp tool

Clone Stamp Tool is a photo editing tool. Which should help to give a duplicating source in an image and correcting imperfections in a picture quickly and easily. The clone Stamp Tool(S) helps to duplicate an image’s sampled area to the chosen area. The tool also helps remove wrinkles and other skin blemishes. The following is described step by step.

1:We select it in the toolbar or with the keyboard shortcut ( S ).

2:We adjust its size and hardness according to what we want to clone.

3: Select a brush tip and choose the blending, opacity and flow mode brush options in the options bar.

4: We make Alt + Enter on the area we want to clone.

5: Click on the object we want to remove as many times as necessary.

Retouching with Pattern Stamp tools

pattern stamp tool

Pattern stamp tool (S) is a very useful tool when creating designs. You can use it to give a texture and background to your image. You can fill in the pattern on your image using this tool. 


1: Select the “Pattern stamp” icon from the Photoshop toolbox on the left side of the screen. Click and hold the mouse pointer on the Clone Stamp button and then select the “Pattern stamp” option from the drop-down menu. Note that when you choose the pattern stamp tool, the properties will be listed at the top of the Photoshop screen, just below the menus.

2: Select the brush size from the “Brush” drop-down menu and change the mode if you wish. Configure the “Opacity” and the “Flow” that suits your preferences.

3: Click on the date next to the pattern box to see a drop-down list of the patterns available for use with the pattern stamp.

4: Pass the pointer on the canvas, where you want to use the pattern stamp. You will see that the pointer turns into a round brush when you do it.

5: Left click to add a round brush of the pattern you have selected. Hold the mouse button and drag it to draw a line of the selected pattern. Keep using the motif tampon on your canvas until you are satisfied with the results.

Retouching with Spot Healing Brush tools

spot healing brush tool

Sometimes, photos contain unwanted artifacts, such as spots, scratches, flashes or spots. Photoshop provides a convenient way to remove these imperfections of your photographs. The Sports Healing Brush tool removes blemishes and other imperfections from photos quickly.


1: Select “File” then “Open” to import the image into Photoshop

2: Select “Layer” and then “Duplicate Layer” to create a copy of the background image. By making your Spot Healing tool modifications in a separate layer, it can be easily removed or adjusted later.

3: Choose the “Brush” from the toolbox. Select a hard-edged brush palette brush. Choose “The proximity of the match”, which uses the pixels surrounding the selected area to determine the brush color, brightness, and texture.

spot healing tool work

4: Use keys support adjusting the size of the brush that is large enough to cover the area you want to change. The key support on the left makes your brush smaller, while the right bracket key makes the brush larger.

5:  Paint over the area by pressing and dragging the cursor. The Spot Healing tool removes the mark and mixed with the point of the surrounding area.


Do not use the Spot Healing tool near the edges of an image or to the side of an area with a color or a texture very different.

Photo Retouching with Healing Brush tools

healing brush tool

This tool can be very useful. The Healing Brush tool allows to correct imperfections so that they disappear from the image. The model’s skin (preferably a smooth area) will fill the spots and skin will be brightness.

1. Open your portrait in Photoshop and select the Point Corrector Brush tool in the toolbar on the left side.

2.   Set the sampling point by placing the pointer over an area of ​​the image and pressing the Alt key (Windows) or Option (Mac OS). Move the “sampled skin” to the stained area and click on it: the spots will be filled with the sampled skin and will disappear.

Retouching with Patch tools

patch tool

The Photoshop Patch tool works similarly to the Healing Brush tools. Take a sample from one area and apply that sample to another.

The tool is on the same button as the correction brushes or by pressing the J key on the keyboard.

1:On the toolbar, press and hold the Spot Corrector Brush and select the Patch tool

2:Use the patch tool to select the skin area where you want to remove the stain. Once selected, click inside this area and drag the mouse towards the area with soft skin. When you do this, the stained area will be filled with the surrounding skin.