Selection tools in Photoshop

selection tools in Photoshop
10Feb, 2020

Selection Tools in Photoshop, It’s a very common tools in Photoshop. This tools give us to apply adjustments or effects in a single area to trim parts of our photography to put them in another place, or to put another element in its place. Without a doubt, with the selections we can do countless things.

In this article, we will see what the selections are, what they are for and how the most basic ones are used. So, you will not need to have any previous knowledge about selections in Photoshop, because here we will discuss all things about selection tools.

What are the selection tools in Photoshop?

  1. Rectangular marquee tool, 2. Elliptical marquee tool, 3. Single Column marquee tool, 4. Single Row marquee tool 5. Quick Selection tool, 6. Magic wand tool, 7. Lasso tool, 8. Magnetic lasso tool, 9.  Polygonal lasso tool

How to use this tools in Photoshop?

1.Rectangular marquee tool:

Choose the “Rectangle Marquee Tool” from the toolbar on the left side of the application, keyboard shortcut — press the M key. Click and hold the left mouse button on the canvas, then drag the mouse to create a rectangle. A rectangle with stripes shows your selection. Release the button when the rectangle has the correct size and shape. Click on the “Edit” menu at the top of the application and then click on “Stroke”. This opens a new window. Place the width of the border in the “Width” text box. Click on the

color swatch, choose one for the edge of the rectangle. Choose the location of the border. Apply the

edge to the inside of the striped line, centered on or outside the lines. Choose the blend and opacity mode. Click “OK.”Press the “Ctrl” and “D” keys to remove the rectangle with stripes.

2.Elliptical marquee tool:

 Elliptical marquee tool Like rectangular tool, the elliptical frame tool is used to select pixels for editing, but its oval shape is best suited for selections that don’t have sharp edges. It is used in the same way as the rectangular frame tool does; Click and drag to select a part of the image. With the elliptical frame tool, you have the option of holding the uppercase key when dragging to restrict the shape of the selection to a circle. Press and hold the Alt key in Windows versions or the Option key in Mac versions to call your selection from the center out – a feature that works with both the rectangular or elliptical frame tools. Press and hold the shift key.

3.Single Row and Culomn marquee tool:

Photoshop allows you to make small selections, which are useful in detailed work. The single-row marquee can be used to make selections that will remain a pixel high regardless of the size of the selection. The single-column marquee makes you select a pixel wide, regardless of the height of your selection. The single row and single column tents are useful for setting purposes larger selections because you can combine multiple selections in Photoshop.

4. Quick Selection tool:

The quick selection tool use the most when making our edits, but not everyone knows it very thoroughly. In this article we will help you to know more about this function, that surely there are many things that you still don’t know about it.

Its use is very simple, it is as if it were a brush that we must drag through the area we need: The selection advances as it will cover areas that have similar shades and textures, as it is moving forward you will realize if it is You need to add or subtract selection in your work area.

5. Magic wand selection tools:

The magic wand is one of the utilities that are shown by default in the toolbar of the Photoshop workspace.  we can choose simply by clicking on it. In addition, we can use the Photoshop ‘W’ keyboard shortcut to automatically equip us with this tool.

To use this tool we just have to click on the part of the image we want to select. Be it a part of the sky, a tree, a sign, a car … whatever. We must bear in mind that the greater the color change between the object and the other elements, the more effective the wand will be when selecting.By clicking on the object we will automatically see how all this is selected. And the more similar the tone of it, the better it will be selected. We can even select different points of the image by holding down the shift key and clicking successively on the elements we want to mark.

For example, we can remove this content, change its color or apply other filters or effects. This is depend on our imagination. And of our advanced knowledge of retouching with Photoshop.

6. Lasso selection tools:

The lasso tool is one of the most useful tool in Photoshop. The Photoshop Lasso tool allows you to draw a selection area freehand by marking an initial anchor point and drawing the area you want to select by dragging. If you release the mouse button before closing the path, Photoshop will automatically draw a straight line from that point to the initial anchor point. The Polygonal Lasso tool is used to draw a selection area by inserting the necessary anchor points.

In this case, to close the selection, it is necessary to insert the last anchor point on the first. The Magnetic Lasso tool allows you to draw a selection area bordering the element we want to select.

7. Magnetic lasso selection tools:

As a variant of the Lasso tool, we have the polygonal selections tool. Working with this tool is very simple. We have to click on the image at the vertex points of any polygon we want to select. With this we will get a selection consisting of lines between the marked points, which form a polygon. Although the polygonal loop tool allows you to make selections of polygons (whose sides are straight), the more points we put to the polygon more defined will be the silhouette. Undoubtedly, the lasso tools are the most versatile and useful.

8. Polysonal lasso selection tool:

As a third option of loop tools, we have the Magnetic Loop. It serves to make selections on silhouettes that automatically adjust to the image on which we are selecting. The magnetic loop means that, as we make the selection, we can propose a possible route for the selected area. This proposed route has the particularity of adapting to the shape of the image that is below the place where we are making the selection, so it is especially helpful when making selections of silhouettes of elements in the image.

To use this tool, we click on the mouse to start the selection and then simply try to surround the element to be selected with the mouse pointer, without doing anything else. The selection will be carried out automatically, which will adapt to the silhouette of the element we want to select and anchor points will be placed to form the area. If we want to manually mark an anchor point, we simply click on the image.

The magnetic loop is an aid that is fine for making complex silhouettes selections, but the selection will not always come out perfect, because sometimes Photoshop can interpret the background image incorrectly, which can result in the selection not adapting exactly to the desired silhouette. However, it is a quick option and it helps a lot in certain cases and has special options that can help Photoshop to better find the stroke we want for the selection.